Below are testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients. . . . 

"Now that we are within inches of hiring an architect and contractor I've looked more carefully at your report and the proposed architect has as well.  We are both impressed with your documentation and thoroughness.  It will most certainly be instrumental throughout the project and it reduces the amount of architectural time required."
Hospitality Construction Management Consultants
Scott Guthormsen, Principal

"I worked very closely with Jonathan who served as the expert witness for the plaintiff in People v. The County of Santa Cruz.  In my opinion, Jonathan's dedication, expertise, and professionalism played an integral role in ensuring that the County of Santa Cruz's polling places were made accessible to persons with disabilities on Election Day."
CA Dept. of Justice
Nancy A. Beninati, Attorney

"Our firm consulted with Jonathan Adler of ACS on a Mixed Use Development with a wide variety of complex accessibility issues. His attention to detail, thoughtful and thorough review of documents and well-crafted responses to code issues were invaluable, and contributed greatly to the overall success of the project. His ability to clearly present and defend his position through his careful analysis and understanding of the applicable codes and regulations was instrumental in navigating the project smoothly through the Plan Check Approval process. Jonathan helped me, as an Architect, attain a clearer understanding and appreciation of issues related to accessibility"
Michael Rex Architects
Rea Ashley, Project Architect

"Jonathan Adler successfully completed under contract for the Division of the State Architect an in-depth evaluation of access compliance in R Occupancies. He also worked with us over a two-year period, to develop the DSA code changes in the 2001 Code Cycle. His depth of knowledge, and quality and thoroughness of his work has been valuable. We look forward to further work with his support in developing professional protocol and standards for accessibility."
Michael Mankin, AIA
CA Division of the State Architect: Chief, Office of Universal Design.

"Access Compliance Services helped guide us through the labyrinth of alternative accessibility provisions of the State Historic Building Code and documenting the findings. We found them to be both quick and most importantly thorough. Speaking for myself I would not hesitate to hire them again."
Douglas J. Rick
City of Pacific Grove, Building Official

"We recently contracted with ACS to provide consulting services on a complex multi-use building for UCSC’s Extension International Program. Jonathan’s services proved to be invaluable. He researched a complex array of often-contradictory regulations and prepared a report which was clear, concise, prepared on time, and under budget. We will continue to consult with ACS on all of our projects, which involve access issues. Our experience with ACS has confirmed that we cannot afford not to."
Thacher & Thompson Architects
Thomas Thacher, Vice President

"The report, which was delivered within the agreed-upon time frame, clearly addresses the technical and legal issues, yet is easily read and understood by a layperson. It was a pleasure dealing with a consultant who was so responsive to our needs and special circumstances."
City of Santa Cruz
Dannettee Shoemaker, Director of Parks and Recreation

"Santa Cruz Harbor is a very complex recreational facility. Mr. Adler is very detailed and complete in his analysis. he not only described each physical barrier, but listed the various regulations that apply to that circumstance. he produced a very readable, usable document for a very reasonable price."
Santa Cruz Harbor
Brian Foss, Port Director

"Access Compliance Services has proven to be responsive to our needs, and has provided our law firm with valuable information on important issues in a timely and efficient manner. Mr. Adler demonstrates thorough and practical knowledge in the field of handicap access, design and regulations. I would not hesitate to recommend to those who own or lease real property that they consult with ACS for advice regarding issues concerning the ADA."
Silicon Valley Law Group
Lucy Lofrumento, Partner

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick response in completing the ADA access compliance survey for Seiko Instrument USA Inc. I was very pleased with the report you submitted. It is detailed, but at the same time it is easy to read and understand."
Seiko Instruments USA
Doug Hardaway, Facility Manager

"Mr. Adler designed very readable and thorough signage specifications for the Santa Cruz Public Library. The library system is fortunate to have Access Compliance service in its hometown. Phone calls were made to various companies and agencies in the greater San Francisco-San Jose-Monterey area during our quest for consultants. Access Compliance Services was the only company set up to work on the design phase and approached our library system like any other contractor getting ready to remodel an existing building."
Santa Cruz Public Library
Heidi Jaeger Smith, Library Administrator

"I think yours is the best reply I have ever received to a technical/legal question; no dancing around the issues, no double-speak, no mumbly mouth. I can't tell you how much I appreciate a straight-up answer. Thanks! You guys will get my recommendation every time."
Andrew Cook | Fire Plans Checker
Santa Rosa Fire Department Plan Reviews

"The Academy has used Jonathan Adler to help us interpret not only City and State codes regarding ADA compliance, but also as a resource on how to best provide equal access to everyone in the ADA community. Jonathan exhibits an experienced and thoughtful approach in providing consulting services to us."
California Academy of Sciences
Don Skeoch, Chief Operating Officer